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Lock and Load Thursdays

Presented by KelTec

7:00 PM - 2:00 AM ET

It's a night for thrilling action on the range, new product reviews, airguns, personal defense strategies and much more. Shooting stars Joe Mantegna, Eric Poole, Rossi Morreale, Richard Nance, Kourtney Fleming, J. Scott Rupp, Ryan Gresham and Kevin Jarnagin will keep you informed and entertained. We'll also feature hunting action with Scott Leysath on "Dead Meat" and Josh and Shasta Mullins of "Beyond the Bar"; plus off-road motorsports excitement on "Dirt Trax Television".

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The Shows

7:00 PM Dead Meat
7:30 PM Beyond the Bar with Josh & Shasta
8:00 PM Dirt Trax Television
8:30 PM Guns & Gear
9:00 PM Guns & Ammo TV
9:30 PM American Airgunner
10:00 PM Gun Stories
10:30 PM Handguns TV
11:00 PM Dirt Trax Television
11:30 PM Guns & Gear
12:00 AM Guns & Ammo TV
12:30 AM American Airgunner
1:00 AM Gun Stories
1:30 AM Handguns TV