Time to Prey Tuesdays

Presented by Ravin Crossbows

6:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

It's a dream team of big game hunters, wing shooters and anglers – and they show off their skills all morning long. Track the world's most coveted trophy game, chase whitetail giants in the backwoods, bag some birds and experience some of the world's finest fisheries, all in one thrilling block.


The Shows

6:00 AM Into High Country With Jason Matzinger
6:30 AM Whitetail Explorer
7:00 AM Big Boys TV
7:30 AM Game of Inches
8:00 AM Petersen's Hunting Adventures
8:30 AM Relentless Pursuit
9:00 AM The Honey Brake Experience
9:30 AM Mojo TV
10:00 AM Florida Sportsman Watermen
10:30 AM Unfathomed