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Whitetail Explorer

Whitetail Explorer - Family Tradition

Stan passes the hunting tradition along to his sons and to his grandchildren.

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About The Show

Exploring is part of many phases of deer hunting, whether we are scouting, checking trail cameras, moving stand locations, glassing fields or watching the woods from our treestand; as whitetail hunters we are always exploring. Even the animals we pursue are exploring. Bucks explore for does during the rut. Does explore for the best feeding and breeding areas. We will be exploring all aspects of whitetail hunting in the Series. Our emphasis will be on hunting big mature bucks all across America. Executive Producers Stan Potts, Mark Beck and Don Barry Jr. have assembled a team of big buck experts from across the country. Rob Scott (GA), Barry Greenhaw (AR), Tim Potts (IL) and Terry Potts (IL) bring countless years of expertise to the program.