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About Hunt. Fish. Feed.

Hunt.Fish.Feed., created by Sportsman Channel is a unique outreach program that taps an underutilized food source – game meat and fish donated by sportsmen--to feed those struggling with hunger across America. Sportsman Channel and its partners have a mission to help end hunger, while promoting an alternative solution through national media outlets.

In an effort to bring awareness in the fight against hunger, Sportsman Channel launches annual tours to serve cities with the greatest homeless and poverty stricken populations.

Hunt.Fish.Feed. is celebrating its 10th year and Outdoor Sportsman Group is proud to have served nearly 30 thousand meals in communities like Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Milwaukee, WI, New Orleans, LA, New York, NY. The events garner recognition for responsible sportsmen and women who have given back to feed those who are less fortunate. Outdoor Sportsman Group encourages sportsmen and women to find and help a local organization by donating meat.

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