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Brent Clary

Ahhh, where to begin? For starters I love to hunt and just be outdoors. My dad dragged me through the woods when I was young, not even big enough to carry my 4-10, chasing rabbits. I hunted on and off throughout my childhood but did not really get into hunting until I was in my early 20’s. I began to hunt some with my brother and from there it went to an all out addiction. In 2008 I started Addiction Hunting Co, manufacturing scent control and mineral attractants for deer hunting. We also were private labeling our products for a couple big names in the scent control market.

I have an awesome family, held together by an awesome wife! We have 3 kids, Addy, Effie and Trace who are the reason I wake up every morning. Without they’re support, I could not live my dreams!

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