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Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves All-Star third baseman, is one of the most recognizable and respected names in Major League Baseball. His numerous records, awards, and statistics spanning over 15 years has assured his place in Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Not only has his fame and popularity for his accomplishments on the baseball diamond brought him many awards and accolades, but his passion for hunting and love for the outdoors is fast becoming more embedded into America’s perspective when one hears the name “Chipper Jones”.

As co-owner of Major League Bowhunter, Chipper also works alongside his good friends Jeff & Duff as a host of the show, sharing his knowledge and experience as an accomplished bowhunter. His enthusiasm in the outdoors comes across not only on camera, but in the inner workings of the day to day business of the company.

Chipper has four sons, Matthew, Trey, Tristen, and Shea, and a step-son, Bryson, with his wife, Taylor.

“Bowhunting is the ultimate and I find so many similarities with baseball in that you can always learn new things that can improve your odds of success if you just soak up all the knowledge you can and learn from all your experiences!”

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