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Curt Wells

In a bowhunting career spanning 40 years, across 28 states, 11 Canadian provinces/territories and 9 countries, Curt Wells has pursued 31 species of big game exclusively with a bow and arrow, 27 of them successfully.

Curt sold his first magazine article to Bowhunter magazine in 1985, then became a regular contributor, and was named Equipment Editor in 2003. In 2004, Curt began hunting on camera and writing scripts for Bowhunter TV and was named co-host of the show in 2009. That same year Curt authored his first book, The Modern Bowhunter – Geared Up!, and served as Editor of the Pope and Young Club’s Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer, Third Edition. Then, in 2010, Curt was named Editor of Bowhunter magazine, a position he holds today.

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