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Francois Els

Francois Els has been guiding hunts professionally since 1999.

He was born into a hunting family and his passion for the outdoors started when he was 6 years old. Growing up, he spent most of his time hunting with his dad and experienced Africa through the eyes of many generations before him. Nowadays he hunts with his significant other, Carmyn and their 5 boys (yes 5), who are as passionate as he is about the great outdoors and the creatures that live in it.

He discovered his talent for shooting a compound bow at a young age and have taken dozens of species hunting solo on foot or in his favourite tree-stand. Francois' love for rifle hunting never died and he is quite equipped to shoot a charging buffalo at 20 yards or a Wildebeest at 800 yards. His knowledge of the land, animals, birds, insects and plants are second to none and this ensures that his clients experience the “Dark Continent” of Africa to its fullest.

He is a man who respects the intricate balance of the fauna & flora and the creation of the land we hunt on. Conservation is part of his everyday life, and in Africa this means an entrenched relationship with local communities & wildlife authorities.

Francois’ favourite bow is his 90-pound Bowtech Allegiance, his favourite hunting rifle is his long-range .300 Jarrett and his favourite backup rifle is his .457 Lever Action from Wild West Guns.

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