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Hal Gahm

Hal Gahm has been an avid hunter and outdoorsman his entire life. Growing up in Northwest Illinois on a dairy/beef Farm. Hal learned how to work extremely hard at a very young age. Every spare moment Hal had, he was hunting with his dad and brothers and filming their experiences.

In 2004, Hal’s filming background and passion for the outdoors opened doors to managing the hunts for over 100,000 acres of ranches in Texas and Colorado. In 2007 Hal continued to manage the hunts on 80,000 acres in Colorado and was hired as the VP of Sales & Producer of THTV at TTHA. In 2012 Hal was promoted to the COO & Executive Producer of THTV at TTHA where he flourished and helped grow TTHA into a very recognized and respected organization nationally.

In January of 2017 Hal resigned as COO of TTHA to pursue his dream of building his own outdoor film production & consulting company and Backcountry Films & Consultants LLC / Backcountry Hunters TV was born.

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