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Jeremy Stafford

Jeremy Stafford has been a Police Officer with the LAPD over 24 years. During that time, he has worked multiple assignments, including Patrol, Narcotics, Counter-Terror operator, Training, and Vice investigations. As a trainer, Jeremy has made his mark on the department by developing or helping to develop several of the departments more recent advanced training curricula, including the MACTAC (Multiple Attack Counter Terror Action Capabilities), which has become a national template for training Police Officers how to effectively counter a multiple location terror attack. In 2011 Jeremy was recognized by the California Peace Officers Association with the Medal of Distinction for the development of the MACTAC program. In addition to developing instructor level curricula for the handgun, rifle, and shotgun, Jeremy also served as the firearms Subject Matter Expert for the department. Jeremy currently serves as a Patrol Supervisor.

Jeremy also spent 13 1/2 years in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve. He has been deployed all over the world in support of the Global War on Terror, including a combat tour in Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star with a Combat "V" for valor, several tours to Southeast Asia and a tour in Africa. Towards the end of his tour in Iraq, Jeremy was assigned to help rebuild the Baghdad Police Department, where he helped develop the first joint USMC-Iraqi Police patrol program. Jeremy and his development of this program were featured in POLICE Magazine as well as on CNN, FOX News, and Good Morning America. Jeremy has been a life-long martial-artist, training in Judo, wrestling, boxing, and Krav Maga. Jeremy is a Black Belt Instructor in Krav Maga and while the serving as the lead instructor for the Krav Maga Alliance Force Training Unit, he provided civilian, military, and police training all over the world to units including the South Korean Defense Forces, the Italian Special Forces and Carabinieri, multiple SWAT teams, and several United States military units.

Finally, Jeremy is a nationally published author and currently serves as the Handgun Editor for Guns & Ammo magazine.

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