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Mike Pelletier

Born and raised running the Northwoods of The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the hunting and fishing lifestyle has been a way of life for Mike since he was a child. “Hunting and Fishing runs through my veins!” At the age of 17 he began filming his first hunts and learning all he could about outdoor videography. After working for corporate America for 25 years, Pelletier decided to retire at the age of 42 and go full time in the outdoor television business, shifting 100% of his focus and dedication into making HARDCORE Pursuit one of the most, high quality, down to earth shows on all of outdoor TV. Mike’s 20-plus years of marketing, sales and management have really aided him while building the HARDCORE Pursuit Brand and working with HCP’s marketing partners. “We’ve worked really hard to grow HCP and keep it on Sportsman Channel for 10 years straight!” Mike now makes a full time job out of creating HARDCORE Pursuit, traveling North America every season to collect some of the best footage possible. When Mike’s not hunting, he’s likely to be somewhere fly fishing for steelhead!

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