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Bearded Buck: Field To Fork

The Bearded Buck crew brings in 6 people who have never hunted before, and with the help of the QDMA, teach them how to hunt. And how to take their success from the field to their fork.

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We will not settle for average! We work very hard in our everyday lives but also know how important it is to relax with family and friends and occasionally have some fun. Well I guess you could say more than occasionally. We are a truly unique group of individuals that bring our own talents together to form a team like no other. We grew up living the “It’s All About Gobbles and Grunts” lifestyle. Through future ventures with new friends and partners, we intend to broaden our horizons. We will be expanding to live the “hunting and outdoor lifestyle” to its fullest. Who are we to turn down a hunt for any species, especially with great friends. We will always remember our roots that are planted so deeply in deer and turkey hunting. We are Bearded Buck.

Bearded Buck



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