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Dead Meat

For many hunters and gatherers, the adage, "If it is worth killing, it is worth eating" is a life-long value, and a saying that some might shudder when considering dining on some of the "less-desirable" parts. But not Scott Leysath, host of the popular television series, Dead Meat.

From Asian Carp Cakes to Swamp Bunny Stew, Dead Meat shows that even ugly critters can taste good, most of the time. The series visits the swamps of Alabama for hunting rabbits with a pack of beagles, dives into the deep waters of Florida for lionfish and even heads to suburban California for rattlesnake. Leysath is on a mission to find those people who make eating the less-desirable parts of animals, something they do on a daily basis.

"Dead Meat is about finding interesting people who have a passion for making some of the ugliest critters taste delicious" said host, Scott Leysath. “They want to get the most from the creatures and truly live off the land in some cases. Other times, it’s about learning how invasive species, such as lionfish in Florida, are threatening our marine ecosystems … but they are also tasty little buggers."