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Greg McHale's Wild Yukon

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Greg McHale's Wild Yukon Teaser: Yukon-Alaska Moose in the Rut

The father of an accomplished moose hunter and long-time Yukon resident, Brent has never taken a good bull moose.

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Greg McHale is a passionate athlete and hunter seeking a challenge, adventure and the unknown in the wilds of Canada's north. Always taking the harder way, Greg pushes himself and his hunting partners to demand the best of themselves to pursue a rich life and Yukon's big game animals. Hunters and outdoors people alike will be enthralled with the breathtaking scenery, heart-stopping adventure and committed hunting. In Season 5, Greg hunts with his father, Brent, his son, Kolter and a group of long-time friends. If you're looking for a hunting show that has it all, look no further!

Greg McHale's Wild Yukon


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