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McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Live

McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Live: TRU Ball - Black Eagle Pro/Am

The Archery Shooters Association's (ASA) biggest event of the season culminates with the Pro Pressure Point Shootdown at the Laurel County Fairgrounds in London, Ky.

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About The Show

The McKenzie/Archery Shooters Association Pro/Am Tour is an annual series of six national tournaments, each of which draws archers from all over the world. The tournaments focus on 3-D archery, which requires competitors to walk courses through natural areas and shoot at 3-dimensional, foam animal targets set at varying distances out to a maximum of 50 yards. Tested are an archer’s ability to cope with changing environmental conditions – wind, rain, heat – and to shoot one perfect arrow per target for 40 targets under extreme pressure. In four professional divisions, archers compete for tens of thousands of dollars in prize money per event. And at the end of the season, the most consistent top competitors across all the tournaments take home the coveted title “Shooter of the Year.”


Feb 23 - Feb 26: Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am (Foley, AL)
Mar 30 - Apr 2: Elite Archery Pro/Am (Russell County, AL)
Apr 27 - Apr 30: Easton Hoyt Pro/Am (Camp Minden, LA)
June 1 - June 4: TRU Ball - Black Eagle Pro/Am (London, KY)
Jun 29 - Jul 2: Mathews Archery Pro/Am (Metropolis, IL)
Aug 3 - Aug 6 : Delta McKenzie Classic (Cullman, AL)