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Target Rich Environment

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Target Rich Environment Preview: Welcome to Target Rich Environment

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About The Show

With over 1,000,000 acres of prime Texas hunting ground, World Champion Auctioneer Craig Meier runs the largest hog hunting operation in the world, and they take 'em out by any means necessary including, but not limited to, helicopters, thermal hunts, static hunts, archery, and ground stalks. With the help of his partners Charles and Brett, they have built an unbelievable hunting operation that also offers duck, dove, quail, pheasant, deer, and turkey not to mention a spacious 14,000 sq ft. lodge that sleeps up to 40 people. Target Rich Environment is an action-packed reality-based hunting show about the whole operation with different hunts going on in virtually every segment with more kills to the likes of which has never been seen before on outdoor television. Although it is a reality-based show, there will not be a need for contrived drama. A target rich environment provides all the entertainment any true sportsman needs.