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This is Africa

About The Show

Andy Buchanan and his hand-picked team of professional hunters take viewers across the dark continent on an adrenaline-fueled hunting adventure for some of Africa's most sought-after trophies. From the forests of Central Africa to the deserts of East Africa, to the great savannas of Southern Africa, the TIA team covers it all! Weaved into the epic hunts, these charismatic hunters take a deep look at the roles played by hunters in securing the future of Africa’s wildlife. Human-wildlife conflict and misinformation on hunting threaten the very existence of African game and it is often these hunters that are on the front line to defend wildlife. Without deflecting from the hunt, TIA focuses on disbanding the notion that hunters are bloodthirsty killers. TIA shows how local communities, governments and hunters work together to protect wildlife across the vast continent. Anti-poaching, community development, human-wildlife conflict and how these are directly affected by and affiliated with hunting are intricate parts of this natural history show.