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Venison for Starters

Chef Scott gives his take on how to best handle your antlered game. On the menu, Hi Mountain Venison Sliders, Susie and Stacy’s meatballs, John’s mushrooms, Nick Brune’s “Everything” Salmon and Buddy’s little buddy.

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You brought it home, now what? Find out how to transform anything with fur, fins and feathers into delicious table fare in what’s been called “the fastest half-hour on outdoor television.” Veteran wild game cooking expert Scott Leysath leads a pack of professional and home chefs, cookbook authors and outdoor experts on a quest to discover the best recipes, tips and techniques that will make the most of your fish and game from the field to the table. Each week, Chef Leysath is joined by an engaging and diverse group of contributors from award-winning fine dining chefs to down home rednecks. From trophy antlered game to a cooler full of catfish, The Sporting Chef shows the way to make it all taste great.

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